Nomination Guidelines

  • All members 18 and above are eligible to nominate other members to be candidates, be nominated as candidates, and vote on election day. The list of eligible members are posted on PGMA premises.
  •  For members with email addresses on file, nominating forms will be received electronically.
  • Nominations can be submitted electronically or for those who don’t have email access by hard copy. A hard can be retrieved from the office and placed into the suggestion box in the hallway when completed.
  • Any members that have email addresses on file but don’t receive an emailed nominating form may obtain and use a hard copy by clicking the Get Nomination Form  link below or contact the election committee, using the Contact Election Committee button below, to provide an email address they would like the election committee to use.
  • A member may nominate up to a maximum of seven members, male or female.
  • All members nominating fellow members to be candidates for the Board of Trustees must confirm each nominees acceptance of the nomination before submitting their name on the nomination form.
  • Families that have multiple members over 18 but have only one email address on file will have all the nominating forms for their family sent to the same email address.
  • Any questions regarding the process can be sent to Election committee via the Contact Election Committee button below.

Get Nomination Form 

Online voting guidelines





The electronic voting guidelines will posted here soon

IN PERSON voting Guidelines





The In Person voting guidelines will posted here soon.